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Remediation of Urban Stormwater Using Best Management Practices and Low-Impact Development Green InfrastructuresEdward Brown - Morgan State University
Trash TalkPhillip Taylor - Hydro International
Understanding Removal Solutions is Key to Mitigating Microplastic PollutionCarston Dierkes - H20 Research GmbH
David Scott - Shawcor
Turbulence and Velocity Reduction in Stormwater Quality StructuresTJ Mullen - Best Management Products Inc.
Monitoring of Stormwater Facility Retrofits Installed with Washington State Department of Ecology FundingDavid Mora - Department of Ecology, Washington State
BMPs and the Public Part II: Incorporating Overburdened CommunitiesKevin Newman - District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment
Savannah Acosta - District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment
Queen Richardson - District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment
Brendan Durkin - Department of Energy and the Environment, District of Columbia
Study Design for Swales: Fun with Swales!Chris Gustafson - Washington State Department of Transportation: Stormwater Research and Monitoring Program
Kevin Brandhorst - Washington State Department of Transportation: Stormwater Research and Monitoring Program
Common Mistakes in Selecting and Implementing BMPs – Lessons Learned from 40 Years of BMP MonitoringHarvey Harper - Environmental Research & Design, Inc.
Resilient Infrastructure Sustainable Communities' New Green Infrastructure Design GuideTom Price - Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc.
Malcome Mossman - Delta Institute
Kishia Powell - DC Water
Double Duty: How Atlanta’s Rodney Cook Sr. Park Is Renewing a Neighborhood While Improving Water QualityKimberly Patak - Freese and Nichols Inc.
Todd Hill - City of Atlanta, Ga.
Tricia H - Freese and Nichols Inc.
Austin, TX Non-Degradation Water Quality Controls, the History of a Challenging Water Quality Control and its Potential for Beneficial UseFrank Delaplane - City of Austin
The 2021 GSI Design Survey: The Results and Lessons LearnedRobert Woodman - Ferguson Waterworks
Innovative Approach to Select and Implement Green Infrastructure Practices Within Public ROW Areas in DC’s Anacostia WatershedNirali Desai - Arcadis
Michael Moscariello - Arcadis
Plant Selection for Green InfrastructureJason Cooper - Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc.
From Roads to Rivers: Suspended Pavement Solutions in DC & MDAlbert Key - DeepRoot Green Infrastructure LLC
The Benefits of a Knowledgeable GSI WorkforceLea Spencer - Center for Watershed Protection
Navigating the Newly Launched Equity Guide for GSI Practitioners: Skill Building and Resources for a More Equitable Future Through GSIApril Mendez - Greenprint Partners
Paula Conolly - Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange
Climate Change Adaptation in Rural CommunitiesRené Pastorek - Alliance Transportation Group
Optimizing Biofiltration Systems Using Smart Configuration and ControlsBen Fuentes - Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Innovation Through Utility Decentralization: A Distributed Green Infrastructure Utility Model Designed for Climate ResiliencyKevin Kunz - AquiPor Technologies
Smart Stormwater Roofing Controls - The Highest Value Method to Manage StormwaterAnthony Mayer - Sustainablu LLC
Joseph Diekfuss - P4 Infrastructure
Matt Knouse - Abben Associates
MS4 and Related Health IssuesSami Khalil - Jefferson Parish Environmental
Making The Permit Work: Stormwater Management and Watershed Restoration in Western, MDAlexander Reed - Washington County Division of Environmental Managment
Creating Adaptable Treatment BMPs for Boatyards, Shipyards, and Maritime FacilitiesDaniel Lipinski - Clear Water Services
Stormwater Infrastructure in the U.S. and the Challenge AheadAdam Ortiz - Environmental Protection Agency
Angela Alsobrooks - Prince George's County
Panel Discussion: Revitalizing the US Workforce for Water Infrastructure ImprovementAhmed Rachid El-Khattabi - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water
Joseph Kane - The Brookings Institution
Katie Johns - Storm Water Solutions
Seth Brown - National Municipal Stormwater Alliance
Panel Discussion: A Partnership for Resilience: Building a Community Around Green Infrastructure in Prince George’s CountyEric Jones - Corvias
Jam Kendrick - Clean Water Partnership
Michael Burke - Quest2 Consulting
Alanna Maya - WaterWorld magazine and Stormwater magazine
Workplace Ethics and Expert Witness Preparation for Industry Professionals David T. Williams - David T. Williams & Associates, Engineers LLC
BMP Selection to Improve Your WatershedStuart Stein - GKY & Associates Inc.
Stormwater Utility Reboot: The Need to Maintain Equity in Stormwater Cost RecoveryBrian Merritt - Black & Veatch
Daryl Braithwaite - City of Takoma Park, Md.
Water Quality Credit and Trading Framework for North Orange County, CADaniel Apt - Olaunu
Chris Crompton - OC Public Works
James Fortuna - OC Public Works
National Perspectives on Stormwater: Updates from the National Municipal Stormwater AllianceSeth Brown - National Municipal Stormwater Alliance
Integrating Green Assets into a Traditional Gray Asset Management FrameworkDawn Nall - Southwest Environmental Finance Center
Hayley Hajic - SW EFC
Heather Himmelberger - Southwest Environmental Finance Center
Flowing Forward: Implementing a New Stormwater Manual in Beaufort County, SCJulianna Corbin - Beaufort County Stormwater
Katie Herrera - Beaufort County Stormwater
Municipal Stormwater Management Compliance in the District of Columbia: Self-Inspection and Self-Reporting ProgramAlecia Jenkins - DC Department of Energy and Environment
An Effective Structural Control Program: A Flood of InformationAlexandra Oconnor - City of San Marcos
Rachel Wolfshohl - City of San Marcos
Becoming a Stormwater Utility in Martinsburg, WVRebecca Russell - City of Martinsburg Stormwater Management
Jared Tomlin - City of Martinsburg Stormwater Management