Becoming a Stormwater Utility in Martinsburg, WV
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Rebecca Russell Jared Tomlin

Like many Phase II MS4 communities, the City of Martinsburg’s Stormwater program has had many obstacles to overcome. Initially, the entire program was being handled by the Public Works Director alone. After an EPA audit in 2014, it was apparent that full-time staff was needed to fulfill the permit requirements. This launched a 5-year long finance study to provide the city guidance for implementing a sustainable stormwater management program funding mechanism. As the finance study was wrapping up its third phase in early 2020, the City's MS4 program was again audited by the EPA and resulted in the city being put under an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC). The main violation in the AOC was not having an adequately staffed and funded program to meet all the MS4 requirements. Taking recommendations from the finance study results, our program held educational presentations to City Council and the public on why the program needed a substantial funding mechanism over using the City’s general fund. Following those presentations, the City implemented the creation of a stormwater utility with the ordinance being approved in October 2021. A stormwater fee, based on impervious surfaces was instituted in January 2022.

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