Full Name
Rebecca Russell
Job Title
Stormwater Coordinator
City of Martinsburg
Speaker Bio
Becca Russell is the City of Martinsburg Stormwater Coordinator. She started her stormwater career in the City’s Stormwater internship program in 2019 and has been growing her career since then. Now she coordinates efforts to reach and maintain compliance with all aspects of the City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, Chesapeake Bay runoff reduction, and local stormwater ordinances. She oversees keys components of the MS4 program including public outreach and involvement, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction and post-construction inspections, stormwater trainings, and the water monitoring program. She has been instrumental in the creation of the City’s new Stormwater Utility. Her passion for protecting the streams around her comes from being a whitewater raft guide in West Virginia.
Rebecca Russell