An Effective Structural Control Program: A Flood of Information
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Alexandra Oconnor Rachel Wolfshohl

Structural controls are implemented to manage flooding and maintain water quality within urban watersheds, however they require frequent inspection and maintenance to function as designed. San Marcos has implemented a successful inspection/maintenance program on a shoe-string budget, and our program has inspired other cities to start their own. In 2016, the San Marcos City Council passed an ordinance that included Section 86.531-Maintenance and Repair of Structural Controls, laying the groundwork for what would become our Post Construction Structural Control Inspection Program. The ordinance reinforced the city’s requirement for all existing and new Stormwater Management Structural Controls on private and city-owned property to be inspected annually by a pre-qualified engineer. The decision to have a hybrid style inspection program was based on the procedures of larger cities but with concessions made for our existing personnel and budget constraints. The experience of developing and launching this program without a clear playbook has been challenging and ever-evolving. However, after three years of administering this program, the department has learned several lessons that could be helpful for other municipalities of comparable size to tackle this type of project. By sharing our challenges and solutions, we hope to help other cities with alternatives for these types of inspection programs that can better fit a smaller budget.

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