A Design Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Best Management Practices
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Tom Price Malcolm Mossman

To support midwestern communities in their efforts to implement green stormwater infrastructure the Resilient Infrastructure Sustainable Communities (RISC) organization developed the Design Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Best Management Practices. The Design Guide provides public sector and non-profit managers, planners, and decision-makers with a toolkit for planning and designing 11 different green infrastructure practices. The Guide includes decision support tools, design templates, cost information, and numerous other technical resources that assist practitioners in establishing in-house expertise for successfully planning, designing, and procuring green infrastructure. For each of the practices, the Guide provides background information; customization options; maintenance information; costs; specifications; and design details. Practices included in the manual are several forms of bioretention, naturalized drainage and detention, filter strips and level spreaders, tree planters, green roofs, and permeable paving. This session will begin with a discussion of the purpose and goals of the RISC organization and then proceed with a presentation on resources in the manual for communities, including selected practices.

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National Harbor 5
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Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
201 Waterfront St
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