Water Quality Credit and Trading Framework for North Orange County, CA
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Daniel Apt Chris Crompton

The proposed North Orange County Water Quality Credit and Trading Program (Credit Program) establishes a framework for alternative compliance to satisfy the structural Best Management Plan (BMP) requirements for new development and significant redevelopment required by the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board MS4 permit. The primary intent of the Credit Program is to provide a mechanism to enable the construction of regional stormwater capture projects to expedite stormwater capture and water quality and watershed improvement. Credits are planned to be generated in the Credit Program through stormwater capture projects with one cubic foot of stormwater captured generating one credit for use in the program. Credits will be limited to capture of the Design Capture Volume (DCV) of the Credit Generator Tributary Drainage Area (TDA). Upon approval, the Credit Program will be administered by the County of Orange and be applicable throughout north OC encompassing four watersheds and 26 cities. Alternative and innovative funding sources are needed and are a primary driver for the Credit Program. The Credit Program is at its core will be an alternative and innovative funding program to enable expedited construction of stormwater capture and watershed improvement projects in north Orange County.

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