Deadline extended! Submit by January 15, 2021


1. Log in to the submissions portal
Returning submitters can use the “lost password” link to begin a password reset. New submitters must create a new account before proceeding.

2. Select a conference track 
From the dropdown menu, select the conference track that best fits the main topic of your presentation. For more information about tracks and suggested topics,
click here. Selected abstracts for a general session are invited for 30-minute presentations.

3. Provide proposal information

  • Enter an abstract title for your proposal. This would be the presentation title if the abstract is selected for inclusion in the conference program. 
  • Enter your abstract (up to 400 words)
  • Provide 2-3 bullet-pointed learning objectives in the field below your abstract.

4. Provide contact information
Submitter information fields will automatically populate with your account information. Answering “Are you the speaker for this submission?” will prompt you for additional information if required.

5. Submit your proposal
To save and finalize, make sure you have completed all required fields. You can also save as a draft if you would like to save your progress. You can then log back into your account at any time before the Call For Abstracts deadline to complete and submit your proposal.

. Submission confirmation
After submitting your abstract you’ll see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email. From this page you can start a new proposal. You can also view your submitted proposals by clicking “Complete” in the left navigation panel. Notifications of acceptance of proposals are expected to be emailed no later than March 5, 2021. The submitter of each proposal will receive notification as to the final status of their submission at that time.


General Content Guidelines
The abstract you submit is the basis for your presentation description in the conference program. For this reason, if your abstract is accepted, your presentation must match the title and description provided in your abstract. Incomplete projects or presentations without conclusions are not desired. Your peers expect you to present data, evaluation, and analyses or conclusions drawn from research or actual projects that are actionable.


Because presentations are selected on the basis of your abstract, keep in mind these selection criteria when writing the abstract. Will your presentation:

  • Have broad interest for people in the field of stormwater management and surface water quality?
  • Convey new knowledge or experience about an aspect of stormwater management?
  • Demonstrate the use of a tool or methodology?
  • Present data on the performance or use of a best management practice or technique?
  • Draw clear conclusions or evaluations that are actionable for the audience?


StormCon attendees are professionals working in different areas of the stormwater industry: municipal and state-level programs, engineering consulting firms, regulatory agencies, commercial developers and contractors, and academia. Your audience has an understanding of basic stormwater principles and terminology, so you don’t need to include a great deal of background information in your abstract or in the presentation. For example, it is not necessary to include information on the history of the Clean Water Act or an extensive description of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, as your audience will be familiar with these.


StormCon presenters who are accepted into the program will be asked to provide a full conference paper in advance of the conference.


Length of Presentations
All presentations are 30 minutes long, including a question and answer period. Every attempt will be made to classify presentations by the track requested by the presenter; however, the conference committee reserves the right to reclassify in a different track as appropriate.


Deadline for Submission
The deadline for receiving abstracts is December 18, 2020. Please do not include supplemental materials.


Please note that StormCon does not cover presenters’ travel expenses or accommodations. However, a discounted registration fee is available for all presenters.