Full Name
Stuart Stein
Job Title
PE, D.WRE, President
GKY & Associates Inc.
Speaker Bio
Stuart Stein has over 35 years of experience in stormwater management and water resources engineering, including watershed management plans, stormwater and drainage studies, MS4 compliance, BMP design and analysis, TMDLs, and flood studies. He is actively engaged in the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP), where he teaches classes, delivers train-the-trainer courses, and assists in updating the course materials. He has coauthored several publications, including the Federal Highway Administration’s popular Evaluation and Management of Highway Runoff Water Quality, and its Urban Drainage Design Manual, Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 22. He assisted the EPA’s Office of Policy in evaluating the impacts of land development alternatives (e.g., traditional sprawl, smart growth) on water quality. Stuart served on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s civil engineering department, where he taught urban hydrology and environmental systems modeling. He was also chair of the ASCE’s National Urban Water Infrastructure Management Committee and chair of the ASCE TMDL Evaluation Task Committee.
Stuart Stein