Bringing Stormwater Into The 21st Century: Integrating Real-Time Asset Management, Flow, and Maintenance
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Ed Schenk Corryn Smith

Flagstaff Arizona is a unique city sitting at over 7000 feet elevation in a mixed igneous and karst landscape. Flood flows can consist of either strong summer monsoon storms, post-fire runoff, or rain on snow events in the spring. The city's stormwater section is tasked with maintaining over 112 miles of streams, washes, and ditches that move runoff through the urban area and back into the forest. To aid in this endeavor Flagstaff Water Services has integrated real-time asset management with rain and flow gauging, weather radar, and maintenance work requests. The system allows for both report tracking as well as real-time call outs for flood prevention and mitigation. The system, a combination of CityWorks (a computerized maintenance management system), GIS, JEFDAQ/JEFMAP, ESRI GeoEvent, and SCADA has been proven following the 1900 acre Museum Fire and subsequent flows as well as summer monsoon events. The integration has been successful not only for community protection but for the city's FEMA Community Rating Service (CRS) open channel maintenance reporting, the city's municipal MS4 permit reporting, and for reporting to city and county management.

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