What to Tell Your Boss

Your guide to convincing your boss to let
you attend StormCon 2018 in Denver

Step #1: Analyze the Conference Program

This year, StormCon will have more than 175 Education Sessions available to help you answer all of the tough Stormwater-related questions facing your organization. Prepopulate your daily schedule with sessions that pertain to the issues you tackle head-on every day. StormCon is a great opportunity to network with industry leaders, gain knowledge in technical sessions, and view the latest products in the expo hall.

Step #2: Review the 2018 Exhibitor List

Just about every company in the industry will be exhibiting in Denver, showing the latest technology, products and innovations in Stormwater. Pick a bunch of exhibitors providing solutions to problems within your organization. Showing that you have a grasp on the issues facing your agency and potential leads you plan on meeting with that can help solve those issues will go a long ways towards convincing them to let you attend.

Step #3: Cost Breakdown

No surprises! Detail all the costs (and discounts available to you) that are involved with your attending StormCon 2018—airfare, conference registration (save $$ by taking advantage of our early bird rates and register now), hotel (special StormCon housing rates available for attendees here), transportation, meals, etc.

Step #4: Value Reinforcement

A better you is a better organization! Not only will you be able to attend valuable Education Sessions and meet with the major vendors in the industry in the expo hall who can help you save money and solve problems, but you’ll also be participating in unique networking events where you can learn from your peers, and more.

Step #5: Reasons-to-send-me-to-StormCon Letter

The last step is also the easiest. Gather the information from steps #1– #4 and insert them into the handy-dandy pre-made Send-me-to-StormCon letter that we just so happen to have right here. We’ve already put in the work for you, just fill out the letter, and send it to your boss and smile knowing that you’ve provided them with all the right reasons why you should be attending StormCon 2018 in Denver!

Step #6: SUCCESS!