Full Name
John Featherstone
Job Title
Surface Water Utility Manager
City of Shoreline, WA
Speaker Bio
John has been fascinated by stormwater and streams since being a kid splashing in puddles on the playground. This interest led to a fulfilling career in surface water utility management, engineering, and project management. In 2019 he was promoted to the City of Shoreline's Surface Water Utility Manager and prior to that had served his community for several years as a surface water engineer. The City has provided an opportunity for John to gain a lot of amazing hands-on experience -- including NPDES permit compliance, utility management, basin planning, condition assessment and infrastructure repair, program and project budgeting and planning, in-house design of improvements, construction inspection and management, green stormwater infrastructure, grant writing, webpage management, community outreach, and planning and designing more complex projects such as dam removal, culvert replacement, and stream daylighting. ...and he still loves to play in the rain.
John Featherstone