Full Name
Sarah Davis
Job Title
Stormwater Specialist
City of Springfield, Missouri
Speaker Bio
There are two sides to stormwater compliance, the perspective of the regulator and that of the permittee. Both sides share a common goal, preventing pollution and protecting water quality. However, there is often hesitancy of these entities to communicate with each other. Permittees fear exposing their facilities to regulatory actions, and regulators avoid prescribing corrective actions to avoid liability. There is so much that can be gained from discussions between professionals in both fields. Informal collaboration provides insight and understanding needed to achieve compliance. City Utilities' John Twitty Energy Center (JTEC) operates under a NPDES site-specific permit and is frequently inspected by a number of regulators, including City of Springfield stormwater inspectors. Environmental staff at City Utilities (CU) regularly seek City advice a number compliance-related issues, including on-site training, permitting, plan design and emergency response. Rather than the old stereotypical role of the regulator telling the permittee what to do, the City works with City Utilities to find new and innovative solutions that protect the environment.
Sarah Davis