Developing a Stormwater Outreach and Education Program for Clark County, NV
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

A key element of a successful stormwater program is implementing a public education and outreach campaign. Clark County Water Quality applies for and receives federal 319(h) grant funding to assist in the development an outreach and education program that exceed the requirements of the Las Vegas Valley’s MS4 permit. The goals of the “Only Rain in the Storm Drain” campaign are to engage, educate, and encourage behavioral change regarding stormwater pollution and management, and best management practices. Clark County has taken a multidisciplinary approach to increase awareness of stormwater pollution that includes training sessions, community partnerships, educational kiosks and websites, and advertisements using traditional and digital platforms. These diverse strategies allow the stormwater messages to consistently reach residents, both inside and outside the home. The campaign has had great success through the development and implementation of presentations, workshops, targeted mailings, and flyers for residents, industries, and business owners. By utilizing grants and cooperating with local stormwater agencies, the outreach campaign has had significant impacts on the community.