Re-thinking Urban Streetscapes in Denver
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Madeline Goldkamp Michael Griffith

To make our cities climate resilient we must design flexible streets that can thrive in a changing environment. The introduction of Green Infrastructure into our urban fabric provides multiple benefits by cooling our heat island cities, reducing stormwater runoff, and establishing a sense of place in our neighborhoods. Stantec has worked on numerous green infrastructure efforts throughout the Denver area. The 16th Street Mall Redevelopment will be the first curbless street in downtown Denver. This 12-block pedestrian and transit only corridor will include over two-hundred mature trees planted within a suspended pavement system. The Brighton Boulevard redevelopment has transformed a previously industrial roadway into the first complete street in Denver, integrating new pedestrian spaces, a raised cycle-track and low-impact water-quality planters into an innovative streetscape that has become the home to the emerging River North Arts District (RiNo). South Federal Green Boulevard redevelopment introduces another major effort to improve water quality and pedestrian safety on our roadways, including sixty stormwater planters within a heavily commercialized area. The 5280 Trail on 21st Street is the first stretch of a multimodal urban trail that will link neighborhoods and connect people along a 5-mile loop through the heart of Denver. In addition to addressing stormwater quality, these innovative streetscape designs also highlight the positive and sometimes surprising effects that Green Infrastructure can bring to a community. Let us explore the possibilities of what a street can be!

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