Norwaldo Neighborhood Storm Water Relief with Green Infrastructure
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Robert Page

In Indianapolis, Indiana a developed neighborhood was seeing localized flooding during smaller rain events. When the neighborhood was built in the 1960's, almost no storm water infrastructure was built as the neighborhood was established. HNTB Corporation was selected to help the Indianapolis Department of Public Works(DPW) solve the neighborhood's drainage issues. This presentation will focus on how the project came together, starting with the planning phases of the project. The presentation will focus on the collaborative effort to develop multiple alternatives and work with stakeholder groups to develop a preliminary solution. As the presentation continues, we will discuss how we transitioned from planning to design. As we shift to the design portion, we will focus on the collaborative process developed to ensure that all stakeholders were happy with the final product. In the design portion of the project, we will talk about the community involvement, design issues, and schedule that resulted in the final product. While working through the design, the DPW reinforced its desire to include green infrastructure where feasible. We will go through the design process of including permeable pavers, rain gardens and other aspects of green infrastructure into the project. We will also cover the areas where green infrastructure was not feasible and talk about why. In the last phase of the presentation, we will discuss issues that came up during construction of the project. We will focus again on how the team worked collaboratively to ensure a final product. We will talk about some of the challenges faced and highlight how the project was finished.

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