The Future of Bioretention Media Design - Flow Direction Comparison & Innovative Media Mixes
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Dylan Ahearn

This is a two part presentation discussing independent testing results by two leading stormwater labs/consultants in North America. Part 1 - Good Harbours Laboratories, of Ontario, Canada, performed independent third party testing on standard bioretention media. The full-scale laboratory study was done to quantify the performance of the media based on three key performance variables: hydraulic conductivity, TSS removal efficiency, sediment loading capacity. The testing protocol was set up to quantify how the media compaction and flow direction (downward vs. horizontal) effects its performance over several storm cycles and several years of sediment loading. The results will provide insight into the best way to design a bioretention system. Part 2 - Herrera Environmental, of Seattle, Washington, performed column testing on six innovative media mixes based on years of research and testing for various private, local, and state agencies. The need for new and improved bioretention media is evident. The testing assessed the performance of the innovative media to standard bioretention media, tree box media, and sand to provide side-by-side comparisons. The results will be shared.