A Non-Profit's Approach to Scaling Up Green Infrastructure
Date & Time
Thursday, September 10, 2020, 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Susan Rusinowski

As a nonprofit, Detroit Future City has a unique approach to stormwater project management through 3 programs. With 24+ sq. miles of vacant land in Detroit, DFC established a user-friendly tool, the "Field Guide to Working with Lots," and grant program. Community members install a design from the Guide to repurpose vacant land into beautiful, social spaces which attract pollinators and manage stormwater. DFC offers grantees these standardized designs with specialized technical assistance and project management. The Land+Water Works program annually hires 30 Detroit residents and nonprofits to educate and advocate responsible environmental stewardship to jumpstart Detroit's green culture shift. This program takes a community engagement approach to residential stormwater projects. DFC's GSI Consulting Services offer holistic design and PM services to mission-driven organizations to help lower their stormwater drainage charges and install green infrastructure. These affordable services help provide technical assistance to those non-profits, small businesses and churches who need it most. This unique social enterprise is helping to scale up stormwater projects in Detroit.