Hannibal's Road to Stormwater Utility Resilience through Program-Funding Nexus
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Mathew Munzlinger Prabha Kumar Pamela Lemoine

What does it take to manage an unfunded stormwater management program that is transferred to a water/sewer utility? From our recent experience, it requires a paradigm shift in the way we Think-Plan-Do-Act. To address our stormwater challenges, we have defined a transformational initiative that involves the integration of revamping a stormwater program while seeking a funding mechanism. We chose a framework based on the principle of nexus among four features, namely Program, Cost, Fee, and Benefit. First, we discuss how we defined an inclusive program. Second, we discuss our financial plan for revenue adequacy. Third, we discuss our evaluation of a dedicated user fee basis and billing mechanism. Finally, we discuss the benefits such as revenue stability, equitable cost recovery, and ability to address stormwater issues. In addition, we present our ongoing efforts at engaging the City Council and rate payers, preparing for a ballot measure to secure voter approval. By focusing on the nexus among the four components, we have not only embarked on a path to financial resiliency but also launched a best practice process for long-term effective utility management.