One Drop at a Time: Cambridge, MA's Stormwater Management Program
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Andrew Goldberg

The City of Cambridge, MA has a long-standing stormwater management program to improve water quality in its receiving waters, including the Charles River and Alewife Brook, which drain into Boston Harbor. Their capital programs include efforts to remove common manholes, separate combined sewers, install stormwater wetlands, and construct stormwater storage tanks and other best management practices. The City is now implementing a robust stormwater education and outreach program to engage the public in stormwater-related issues and to comply with the requirements of the City’s MS4 Permit. In 2019, the City expanded its community outreach efforts to reach target audiences, including participation in multiple community events; provide education within schools; develop a stormwater logo, brand, and presence on social media; and develop innovative and interactive educational materials including an interactive stormwater model and multiple banners and displays. This presentation will provide an overview of the City’s stormwater management program with a focus on recent education and outreach efforts.