Taking a Hands-On Approach to Solving Stormwater Problems
Date & Time
Thursday, September 10, 2020, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Nathan Ward

Providing stormwater treatment at industrial sites with little available space is a challenge but some companies are used to solving big problems with ingenuity and elbow grease. Manke Lumber Company (Manke) has been milling lumber at their Tacoma, WA sawmill for almost 60 years and their family operations employ over 500 workers. When stormwater regulations required treatment of stormwater from their sawmill and pellet plant adjacent to the Hylebos Waterway on Commencement Bay, Manke initiated an aggressive facility upgrade project to enhance stormwater runoff quality from its five facility outfalls draining its lumber storage, sawmill, and log storage operations. With some engineering and permitting assistance, Manke employees constructed systems to segregate runoff from their sawdust storage facility and constructed two vegetated media biofiltration systems providing advanced treatment of runoff from over 30 acres of waterfront industrial land. Combined with paving, slope stabilization, and focused attention to upland operational best management practices, the facility has reduced discharge pollutant levels to well below permit required levels for most measured parameters.