StormCon is the only North American event dedicated exclusively to stormwater and surface-water professionals across the continent: municipal stormwater and public works managers, industrial stormwater managers, engineering consultants, regulatory personnel, watershed management professionals, and others concerned with stormwater and surface-water quality.

Forester Media Inc., publisher of Stormwater magazine, is seeking papers for presentation at StormCon 2013, which will take place in Myrtle Beach, SC, August 18 – 22, 2013. The 2013 conference will feature six program tracks, described below.

Presentations for StormCon 2013 will be 30 minutes each, including a question-and-answer period.

Please carefully read the information below before submitting your abstract. The deadline for submitting abstracts is Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

Conference Tracks

BMP Case Studies

This track presents examples of how structural and nonstructural best management practices (BMPs) are being used—with case studies and performance data—including combinations of BMPs to achieve water-quality goals.

Presentations must not promote or endorse any proprietary BMP, technology, or company, nor should they simply describe the features of a product; however, examples of BMP installations with data on the effectiveness of a particular system will be considered. Topics in this track include:

Green Infrastructure

This track includes low-impact development (LID) techniques as well as smart growth and other green infrastructure practices. LID strives to maintain or mimic the predevelopment hydrology of a site by infiltrating, storing, filtering, and evaporating stormwater runoff rather than moving it offsite to a centralized stormwater system. Green infrastructure has been described by EPA as a comprehensive approach to water-quality protection using natural and built systems at the regional, community, and site scales. Smart growth focuses on neighborhood and urban planning, with important implications for stormwater management. Areas of focus for this track include:

Stormwater Program Management

This track covers many aspects of managing a successful municipal or industrial stormwater program: funding, public education and outreach, staffing, regulatory compliance, and other program elements. Focus areas include:

Erosion and Sediment Control (New track)

This track focuses erosion and sediment control techniques for construction sites and other settings. Topics include:

Water-Quality Monitoring

This track focuses on water-quality assessment, monitoring and sampling techniques, and modeling practices:

Advanced Research Topics

This technical track includes academic research; methods for testing the effectiveness of best management practices and comparing different BMPs; and topics and trends in stormwater research, such as standardizing testing protocols and standards for measuring the effectiveness of BMPs. Topics in this track include:

Please note that we are not looking for descriptions of technologies or BMPs and how they work without supporting performance data. If your presentation deals with one or more BMPs, especially with proprietary systems, your abstract must indicate what supporting data the presentation will include.

Coastal Protection Symposium (New addition)

This specialty symposium, taking place concurrently with StormCon, focuses on infrastructure protection in coastal cities, ports, and industrial complexes in the face of sea level rise and potential shoreline changes. The audience for the symposium includes federal, state, and municipal agencies responsible for flood control and emergency planning, urban planners, civil engineers, and municipal and industrial facilities managers and engineering staff. Topics of interest include:

Most presentations in the Coastal Protection Symposium will be 30 minutes long, but longer presentations will also be considered; indicate within your abstract if you would like to give a longer presentation.


Who Should Submit an Abstract?

Please note that abstracts promoting proprietary products or companies will not be accepted as part of the StormCon conference program.

If your abstract deals with a project performed on behalf of a municipality or other client, please ensure that you have the client's permission to present the information before submitting the abstract.

General Content Guidelines

The abstract you submit is the basis for your presentation description in the conference program. For this reason, if your abstract is accepted, your presentation and paper must match the title and description in your abstract.

Incomplete projects or presentations without conclusions are not desired. Your peers expect you to present data, evaluation, and analyses or conclusions drawn from research or actual projects that are actionable.

Because papers to be presented are selected on the basis of your abstract, keep in mind these selection criteria when writing the abstract. Will your paper:

StormCon attendees are professionals working in different areas of the stormwater industry: for municipal or state-level programs, for engineering consulting firms, for regulatory agencies, for commercial developers and contractors, and in academia. Your audience has an understanding of basic stormwater principles and terminology, so you don't need to include a great deal of background information in your abstract or in the presentation and paper. For example, don't include information on the history of the Clean Water Act or an extensive description of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, as your audience will be familiar with these.

Length of Presentations

All presentations are 30 minutes long, including a question and answer period. Speakers have the option of speaking for the 30-minute allotted time, or giving a shorter presentation to allow more time for questions at the end.

Presentations may be reclassified in a different track as appropriate.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for receiving abstracts is Wednesday, December 5, 2012 . Please do not include supplemental materials.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings online. If your abstract is selected, you will receive guidelines for preparing and submitting your paper when you are notified of acceptance. Final papers will be due to Forester Media by Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Only papers that are presented at StormCon 2013 will be included in the conference proceedings.

Please note that StormCon does not cover presenters' travel expenses or accommodations. However, a discounted registration fee is available for all presenters.




StormCon keeps you informed on what's new, what's tested, what works.

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